Having Problems Seeing? Tips to Improve Your VisionHaving Problems Seeing? Tips to Improve Your Vision

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Having Problems Seeing? Tips to Improve Your Vision

I spend most of my time working on my laptop or desktop computer. Although I take precautions to keep my eyes healthy, I still experience unexplained vision problems. After speaking to an optometrist about my eye problems, they suggested that I change the lighting in my home and office. The overhead lighting in my work space was actually too bright for my eyes. I lowered the lighting in my ceiling and placed adjustable lamps on my desk. If I need more light, I simply adjust the lamps over my computer screen. I can now work without damaging my eyes. If you have problems with your eyes and can't figure out why, read my blog. I offer real tips you can use that protect your eyes at work or home. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

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Caring For Your Eyes When You Have Diabetes

Having diabetes can make keeping your eyes healthy a bit more complicated. People with diabetes are 40 percent more likely to have glaucoma and are 60 percent more likely to develop cataracts. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep your eyes as healthy as possible while you manage your diabetes. Here just some of the many steps to take.

Change Your Diet

Eating the right foods is essential for managing your glucose levels, but it can also be essential for maintaining your eye health. Opt for a diet rich in nuts and fish to eat light and healthy, and add in plenty of leafy green vegetables and fresh berries. All these foods contain antioxidants that help prevent certain eye conditions, keeping your eyes as sharp as possible. A good rule of thumb is to look for fresh produce that is brightly colored, as these are the fruits and veggies that most often contain antioxidants.

Visit Your Eye Doctor Regularly

Your optometrist is your partner in your fight with diabetes. Your annual checkups are your chance to look for any signs of glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration. The earlier any eye condition is caught, the better your chances are of saving your eyesight. If your optometrist spots anything suspicious, he or she will give you a referral to a specialist so you can plan your treatment options. Even if you don't wear glasses, you should still schedule regular checkups if you have diabetes.

Manage Your Blood Pressure

People with diabetes are already more likely to develop retinopathy, and having high blood pressure can put you in an increased risk category for any number of retinopathy disorders. The longer you have had high blood pressure, the more likely you are to develop hypertensive retinopathy, which can cause significant vision problems. People with diabetes are also more likely to develop nonproliferative or proliferative retinopathy as well as macular edema. It is critical that you tell your doctor or optometrist right away if you are having issues with your vision, such as the appearance of lights flashing before your eyes, black spots in your field of vision, loss of vision or blurry vision.

Dealing with diabetes is complex, and you have a lot of things to keep track of to manage the disease. Make sure that keeping your eyes healthy is on your list. Regular visits to the optometrist and your primary care doctor are part of a whole-person approach to fighting the battle against diabetes. Check out websites like http://envisionnv.com/ for more information.