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Having Problems Seeing? Tips to Improve Your Vision

I spend most of my time working on my laptop or desktop computer. Although I take precautions to keep my eyes healthy, I still experience unexplained vision problems. After speaking to an optometrist about my eye problems, they suggested that I change the lighting in my home and office. The overhead lighting in my work space was actually too bright for my eyes. I lowered the lighting in my ceiling and placed adjustable lamps on my desk. If I need more light, I simply adjust the lamps over my computer screen. I can now work without damaging my eyes. If you have problems with your eyes and can't figure out why, read my blog. I offer real tips you can use that protect your eyes at work or home. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

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5 Tips To Consider If You Wear Contact Lenses

If you rely on contact lenses to help you see your best, you will need to practice care when using them. It's important to follow the instructions given to you by your optometrist for the best results. Additionally, knowing specific tips to help you while wearing contact lenses is sure to come in handy on a regular basis.

Tip #1:  Keep it clean

It's important to wash your hands prior to touching the contact lenses each day. This can be done by using a mild soap and warm water to help keep germs at bay. Additionally, take the time regularly to clean your lenses and also to use a disinfectant routinely.

Tip #2: Protect your contact solution

Be sure to keep all the solutions you use to keep your contacts moist protected. This means keeping the bottles and lids properly closed when you aren't using them and avoid using any contact solutions that have expired.

Tip #3: Remove contacts

It's important to take your contacts out at certain times. You should be sure to avoid sleeping with your contacts in at all times. Additionally, if you're going swimming, be sure to take them out, as well.

Tip #4:  When to discard contacts

The type of contact lenses you select will determine how long they can be worn without getting new ones.

Below is a list of types of lenses and how long these can be worn:

  1. Daily disposable – This type of corrective vision wear should be disposed of daily.
  2. Disposable – You can wear this type for two weeks before they have to be replaced.
  3. Traditional – You may want to select contact lenses of this variety because you can go six months without having to replace these.

Tip #5: Using eye makeup

It can be difficult to wear eye makeup if you have contacts. The challenges of putting your cosmetics on without getting them on your lenses aren't easy for many wearers. Below are some tips to assist you with this:

  1. Be sure to put in your contacts prior to putting on cosmetics.
  2. It's ideal to use hypoallergenic cosmetic products at all times.
  3. Consider wearing cream eye shadow because it's easier to glide on your eyelids.

Wearing contact lenses is much preferred over eyeglasses to some people. Be sure to visit an optometrist in your area such as Brooks Eyecare for more tips on wearing these for optimal results!