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Having Problems Seeing? Tips to Improve Your Vision

I spend most of my time working on my laptop or desktop computer. Although I take precautions to keep my eyes healthy, I still experience unexplained vision problems. After speaking to an optometrist about my eye problems, they suggested that I change the lighting in my home and office. The overhead lighting in my work space was actually too bright for my eyes. I lowered the lighting in my ceiling and placed adjustable lamps on my desk. If I need more light, I simply adjust the lamps over my computer screen. I can now work without damaging my eyes. If you have problems with your eyes and can't figure out why, read my blog. I offer real tips you can use that protect your eyes at work or home. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

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Prolong The Life Of Contact Lenses

You should do what you can to make your contact lenses last as long as possible. This way, you won't spend more than absolutely necessary to replace them, you won't find yourself running out of them sooner than you were prepared for and you won't have an increased chance of something happening to them while you are wearing them. Follow the tips here to help your contacts last you as long as possible:

Clean them before and after use

Cleaning your contacts before and after each use will help to prevent the growth of bacteria on them. This bacteria can lead to the contacts breaking down faster. Always wash and thoroughly rinse your hands before you even touch your contacts. To clean them, put a contact on your middle and index fingers, then pour a generous amount of solution into it. Rub it well with your thumb and those fingers.

Don't wear your contacts around strong fumes

If you are going to be in an enclosed area where there are strong fumes, then you should wear your glasses instead of your contact lenses. A few examples of fumes you don't want to wear them around include paint fumes, excessive smoke and strong household cleaners.

Don't wear contacts on very windy days

There are a couple of reasons why wearing your contacts on a very windy day is a bad idea. For one, there can be a lot of dust getting thrown around in the wind on these days, and those specks of dust can be very damaging to your contacts. For another thing, your eyes can tear excessively when it's very windy, and when your eyes tear, you can lose a contact or excessively rub your eyes, both of which are not good.

Use your rewetting solution as needed

You should always carry your solution with you, so you have it when you need it. Any time you find your eyes itching or feeling dry, put the solution in your eyes. This will make you much more comfortable while you are wearing the contacts, so you won't constantly have your fingers in your eyes or rub your eyelids, both of which can increase the likeliness of your contacts getting damaged or lost.

Now that you are familiar with some of the things you should and should not do when wearing contacts, you may be able to keep yours in good shape for much longer. For more tips and ideas, talk to an eye doctor at a clinic like Las Vegas Family Eye Care